New CD Soon!

The new CD is done! The artwork is done! The release party is booked!

Yes, that's right! Just a few months behind schedule, The Dorothy Heralds new album is in the can! Entitled "100 Unnamed Things", the CD is a really good representation of who we are, where we're going, and what we sound like "live". I'm listening to the final masters and they sound great! We'll be going to press by the end of October. The Madison release party will be at the Café Montmartre on December 9th. We're planning something really special. A bit of theater, a lot of music, and maybe a few unnamed things. DJ Anonymous will be spinning. He's in the process of remixing some tracks from "100 Unnamed Things" so you may hear some of that also. I've heard it and am quite impressed!

In other news, I've moved to the east side of Madison yet again. Technically it's Monona, but it's only a twenty minute bike ride to work so I still consider it Madison. (As opposed to the twenty minute drive from Middleton) The place is pretty nice. Living in a place with an actual backyard and a deck certainly is nice. I'm still unpacking some things, but hopefully it'll be all done soon. Biking to work has also been really nice. The weather has been perfect for it!

This week I was finally able to recover some data I thought I'd lost from the hard disk that died earlier this year. I was thankfully able to recover all of my arrangements and scores. This means that I should be able to get my portfolio together on time for CalArts and The New School. I just sat down and went through the recovered scores last night. I was pleasantly surprised to hear some good things. I may actually be able to finish the string quartet project I was writing at the time of the crash before the end of next month.