Wow... http://htxt.i

Wow... http://htxt.it/II9R Her song choice at the end is unfortunate though


Need a website? Ours

Need a website? Ours works, why doesn't yours?

I'm so disappointed

I'm so disappointed that I missed Dan Deacon when he was in town... http://htxt.it/vlbh

...and exceptional t

...and exceptional things will happen, Elizabeth...

Another day at the m

Another day at the mobile office. I really want a burger, but I think it's still too early... hmmm


First client's a go!

First client's a go! Feels good!


Due to issues beyond

Due to issues beyond our control, promised swanky updates are delayed yet again... sorry folks!


in the final push fo

in the final push for Monday's launch... Check back soon for swanky updates for your optical nerves!

What a foodie day! F

What a foodie day! First Himalchuli... now I'm off to have yaki soba!! Yum!

a little work, then

a little work, then off to King St. for Stiltwalkers!! Then more work!


Holy cow Batman! I l

Holy cow Batman! I love this song! http://htxt.it/ZI7X

Feels good to be wor

Feels good to be working for myself... Diggin' on http://htxt.it/NU14


Looks like the Ander

Looks like the Anderson account's a go! Break out the good china darlin'!


Michelangelo's for s

Michelangelo's for some coding fun... Can't wait for Monday. Stay tuned!!


Editing recordings f

Editing recordings from yesterday


Lykke Li - Youth Novels

My friend Sara gave me a mix CD a few months ago with a song by Lykke Li entitled, "Little Bit". I was really struck by the song. I found it touching with it's simplicity and the innocent sound of her voice. I picked up her album, Youth Novels and wasn't nearly as impressed. However, somehow it's found its way back into rotation on my iPod. I really can't believe I didn't enjoy it upon first listen.

Listening to Alice R

Listening to Alice Russell http://htxt.it/5C6C and counting down the time until I'm out of a job. Feels good!


Shoot... I missed Ly

Shoot... I missed Lykke Li in Chicago... twice!