See The River Rise

I attended the Sunshine For The Blind release party for their new (and first) album, See The River Rise last night. Lorenzo's Music opened the show. I arrived after Lorenzo's had already started. I've heard their latest album, Solamente Tres Palabras and it's great, but I think they really shine live. Mark Whitcomb's easy-going stage manner and off-the-cuff brilliance as a guitar player is extremely engaging. Plus he's playing a vintage Sunn Stadium amp these days. Leslie West for days!

Sunshine For The Blind played second. I'd only seen them once before a couple of years ago and hadn't been impressed at the time. Since working at DNA, I'd heard bits and pieces of the new album. They surpassed all of my expectations last night though. Absolutely great rock music! They sounded great. Their drummer, Daphna, is absolutely rock solid. I hope I get the chance to play in a band with her some day! I talked to Brian earlier in the day and discovered that the album has been nigh on ten years in the making! Congratulations to him and the band!

I left the show with a bit of an emotional high. It's inspiring to hear original music performed with such passion. Just what I've needed lately. Thursday night I sat around with my roommate listening to Sonic Youth and System And Station. I've been going through my CD collection and listening to albums I haven't touched in years. Nick wasn't familiar with Sonic Youth and I wasn't familiar with System And Station. We were both impressed with the other's choices. I have to say I'm looking forward to the next time S+S is in town. I'll definitely be at that show.

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