WIP: Nostalgia and Technology

I've been thinking about the implications of using sampling in this series. I asked a good friend who has close ties to the electronic/dance community here in Madison (and throughout the world) about my conundrum. He felt that the use of the terms "remix" and "mash-up" refer to techniques that are essentially the same as re-arrangement, juxtaposition, and re-composition. I'm inclined to agree with him as I see no difference in the product aside from the means of production.

This presents an opportunity and a challenge for me. I feel freed up to exploit samples and loops in a way I didn't previously. But, I'm unfamiliar with how to exploit these technologies in any way aside from improvisation. This means that if I choose to include these technological developments I will have to do more research.

As an aside, (not completely unrelated) I came across an interview with Marc Ribot recently in which he said something particularly appropriate to this puzzlement. "Everything is a function of [sic]the available technology, because it’s hard to conceive of what is completely unavailable."

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