Holidays and Notes

I've suffered from a temporary work stoppage this week due, in part, to the Thanksgiving holiday. I was lucky enough to have TWO Thanksgivings this year. Thursday with my best friend, Sara, in Milwaukee. And Friday with Les, Patty, and Bill, whom I also love dearly. I spent the rest of the weekend with Les and Patty in Black Earth, which was a welcome reprieve from my daily routine.

This week also ends my five year run subsisting solely on my income from music. I started a new job at APS in Madison on Tuesday. I'll be focusing on developing their online dispatch system which should prove to be a good challenge, as I'm the only developer AND the project manager.

Also, I've rededicated some time daily to actually practice! I'm focusing on developing my improvising skills over standard jazz changes. As well as finally integrating some ideas that I've been developing for the past few years into my playing.

As far as the Nostalgia project (I need a snappier name for this), I'm spending some time exploring the subject in personal writing, and in my sketchbook. I'm beginning to consider what a performance and/or document of the work should look like. I think this will at least help in determining how I orchestrate the results of these experiments.

I've also begun writing for a new project. Something a little less "serious" than the Nostalgia project. I'll be talking with some people this weekend about participating. Maybe I'll get things together quick enough for a January or February gig. Also, I'll be performing with Danielle Brittany on Dec. 30th. Come out and hear what happens when I play real pop music!

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