And you thought the beats stopped....

I've only been awake for thirteen hours at this point, but damn it still seems like a long day. Lots of practicing (reading through the Charlie Parker Omnibook) and lots of searching for jobs. Not a whole lot out there that will let me set my own hours. Made coffee and forgot about it for two hours. Now that's abuse.

Got together with Gary (bassist from TDH and ELQ). He's putting together something of a Weather Report tribute band. Now there's a new idea, put together bands that play just like the great jazz combos. Funny. The reaction he's been getting from people when they find out is also humorous. Everyone expresses an interest and then almost sarcastically wishes him "good luck". We sat down tonight to pick tunes to work on before the first rehearsal. I tell you, sometimes I'm amazed that these guys are venerated by jazz-heads and musos. There is some really sickly-sweet schlock on their albums. God it's horrible. Should be interesting carving out space in the group as a guitar player though. I'll definitely be able to straddle the sax/synth division.

Need sleep. Have to make sure to bring my homework from two weeks ago to class. Ugh. I-IV-V-I progressions in E minor. yay.

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