A long winter night....

So, now that my stint as a contractor ("sub" contractor that is) for the State is up, I've decided that this of all times would be perfect to increase the amount of time I spend with a guitar in my hands. However, it seems that for every twenty minutes I spend practicing or writing; I spend an hour and twenty minutes with my fingers blazing at the keyboard. Go figure.

My spy-jazz quartet (The Evan Lurie Quartet) had our first gig this past Friday at the Hemingway Cigar Lounge in Fitchburg, WI. Thanks to all of you who came out. A number of trainwrecks were avoided and a good time was had by all. The night didn't start off so rosily though. I have to give a big thanks to Anthony Cao and his girlfriend for being so gracious when they walked in and saw our rigs set up. Apparently there had been a mix up in the booking since the management had changed. Anthony, I owe you a drink or two!

Otherwise, looks like we might be hooking up for a celebration of the Taco Bell Boycott coming to an end. (http://ciw-online.org/ for more info) If everyone can do the show (and we can get on the bill), we'll be doing a few tunes from the Marc Ribot y Los Cubanos Prostizos albums. Fun.

Must return to working on the website, http://www.guerillabeatz.com.

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