There were bells, all around...

The Dorothy Heralds played our fist show in a few months last night at the High Noon Saloon. We debuted a number of new songs that we're hoping to record in June. The band was loose, but the energy was high and the audience seemed to really enjoy the show. Our use of sound clips and instrumental transitions has definitely improved and is really adding a lot to our show. Lots of fun, and a lot of lessons learned. Thanks to everyone that braved the cold to come out last night!

As you may have heard, CTM is closing its doors on their 2006 season due to financial troubles. This really hit me hard as Gary, Kevin and I were set to do the music for at least two more productions. I was able to attend the final show of Stuart Little and was impressed with the overall production. I had some issues with how the work we did was used (underused, actually), but all-in-all a good show. The Isthmus had good things to say in their review. Here's hoping that they're able to work things out and start producing again.

So after a night of being a rockstar I get to go teach others how to do the same. Not too bad... heheh.

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