Hotel Villa Fontaine Roppongi Annex

Okay, we just got to our hotel in Roppongi, the Villa Fontaine Roppongi Annex. It's pretty nice and seems to be in a good location. The train stop is about a block away. It's a little odd that when I do a Google search my browser is redirected to google.co.jp. I would have thought I would still be able to access the english version of the site, but apparently not without some work on my part.

Once we got off the bus from Narita it didn't take us more than five minutes before a gentleman and his family approached us asking where we were from and wishing us a wonderful experience in Japan. You couldn't have scripted the encounter more perfectly.

For those of you involved in the discussion of just how long the flight is from Chicago to Narita, it's exactly twelve hours in the air. We actually arrived a little earlier than projected. The weather is nice and mild, in fact it doesn't feel like the projected 80 degrees and 90% humidity. Customs and immigration were a breeze. The food on the airplane wasn't too bad, but it's definitely too much once you've eaten it three times in one flight.

I was going to start shooting pictures at Narita, but I felt too tired and didn't want to fall into the stupid tourist role right away. I think the biggest difference between Japan (or at least Metro Tokyo) and South Korea is that there seems to be a higher ratio of English to non-English signage. It almost makes it feel even weirder.

Anyway, I'm going to get cleaned up and I think we're going to go out and find a ramen shop or something. I don't think we're going to get too far today, it's after 6pm and Becky and I are both pretty beat from the trip. More later!

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