Rain, rain

So I thought I brought an adapter for my laptop's power supply, but I was mistaken apparently. The power supply has three prongs and every outlet in Japan has two. So, this will most likely be a quick update.

It rained for a majority of the day yesterday. We were lucky enough to get through the East Garden of the Imperial Palace in the morning before it started raining too much. We also toured the Museum of Modern Art and the Craft Gallery. All of which were fascinating. Unfortunately, as with most museums, photography is strictly forbidden. We've been taking the subway, which has been surprisingly easy to navigate. The travel guides that Becky brought all seemed to indicate that transferring between lines was difficult or confusing, but we haven't had any trouble whatsoever.

Today looks like more rain so we're going to try finding a department store in Shibuya that's connected to the largest cultural center in Japan. This should be interesting. Hopefully I'll be able to find an adapter for the power supply so I can write more and post some of the photos I've taken so far.

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Magdalena said...

Hello Mat, I've just read some blogger profiles, and I found you there, by the "Three Pillars of Zen", which is my first and the most important zen book. So I decided to send you all the best from Poland! :-) Kind regards, Magda