Ack, yet another year has past!

Well, almost a year. It's ridiculous that I haven't posted here in almost a year.

Anyway, what's new? A whole lot I guess. The Dorothy Heralds are up for "Best Electronic Song" at this year's MAMA's. Please stop by and vote. Remember, the sign-up fee goes straight to the Madison school district and is earmarked for music related education. If you want to contribute to this great charity AND vote for us, you can hear the nominated song on our MySpace site (and hopefully on our website by the end of today). Oh, it's the one called "What Goes Up". It's somewhat representative of our more "dance" oriented direction.

We'll also be traveling to the east coast again in May. I'll post dates here later. I guess I'll leave this at that for toady. I've got to keep something for the next post...

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