Giving Ceaser His Due

Yep, started my taxes last night. Thankfully I haven't gotten to the part where they tell me that I've got too many deductions and that I run the risk of being audited. I'm always amazed this time of year that I've made enough money to actually owe the government money. I remember when I was making three or four times as much as I am now and I would always get back everything I'd paid in over the year. And I won't go into my problems with the way my money is being spent by our government. I don't have time and I don't want to wind up on some FBI list.

So, more rehearsal tonight, and more recording next week Tuesday. I started working on the Good-N-Loud website again. I have to thank Rebecca for the use of her old laptop. Without which I wouldn't have the pleasure of harassing Steve (GNL owner) to get me a copy of the shopping cart software he wants me to use.

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